MEDEX offers specialized consulting in the design and operation of efficient business units (rehab or health centers, gyms, etc.). We offer advice on the design of the physical areas, floor plans, equipment sales and set-up, and also train and certificate the staff for efficient operation of the unit, be it for government agencies, national health projects, private investors who wish to replicate a MEDEX unit, gyms, rehab centers, spas, and Olympic and high performance centers.

We have extensive know-how. We are certified by over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the field of biomechanics. This has allowed us to conceptualize, develop and execute rehabilitation and exercise protocols adjusted to each person’s needs, using the most advanced equipment in the variable progressive resistance area, represented in the world renowned MEDEX and Nautilus brands.Today there are over 2000 centers which execute our protocols, such as the US Army, Mayo Clinic or the High Performance Center (CAR) in Sant Cugat, Spain, among many others.

Through our specialized consulting department we can offer different business options depending on the client:

1.     Investors who wish to participate or are participating in a large real estate project.

2.     Entrepreneurs who wish to own a rehab, health or exercise center.

3.     People who wish to own their own private gym at home, or even some equipment.

4.     Rehab, health or exercise center owners who wish to modernize or update their facilities and/or equipment, as well as commercialize accredited brands, since we represent our products locally and internationally.

5.     Government agencies conscious of the need to provide quality health care, in rehabilitation, prevention, health, exercise and sports.


We are eager for you to contact us and allow us to provide you with the best recommendations available, always taking your requirements into account. We are eager to help! Our experience is your best warranty!!

¡Our experience is your best warranty!

¡MEDEX: Nobody cares for you better!

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