Characteristics that make our MEDEX Premium Line special:

  • 1   2 pound increase adjustable weights, allowing very small adjustments and increments.

    2.     Very light initial weight, starting at 20 pounds, reaching up to 1000 pounds.

    3.     Tested and re-tested variable resistance curves, thanks to the one of a kind MEDEX computerized equipment.

    4.     Virtually free maintenance, thanks to an avant-garde design that pushes the weight from bellow, only needing to lubricate the central bar that pushes the weight stack a couple of times a year.

    5.     Greater security margin, due to the fact that the weight moves a shorter distance than traditional equipment.

    6.     Minimum friction. MEDEX equipment operate with 0.3% of friction, the lowest in the market, obtaining the most efficient and precise result.

    7.     There are no guide bars to be cleaned, which helps eliminate the friction problem.

    8.     Its weight stack is self-aligned. The weight stacks are built with ball bearings in each plate, which keeps them aligned.

    9.     The seats and back supports adjust easily and precisely. Each seat, back support or cushion provides and adequate alignement between the articulation and the rotating axis. That maximizes results and safety during the exercise.

    10.  Designed for both men and women, allowing adjustments for a wide range of the biotypes and sizes.