The protocols developed by MEDEX have been conceived to include the three areas that make an exercise program: Cardiovascular, Stretching and muscle strengthening. Regardless if the final objective is to rehabilitate, prevent or exercise at a high performance level, the protocols are conceived in an integral way, assigning the same importance to each of these three training aspects, taking into account the individual aspects of each person, as well as the specific goalsthey wish to achieve, designing the programs based on what they want, can and must do. This allows us to create personalized programs, achieving the maximum efficiency in the least amount of time, reducing drastically the risk of injury.

“A strong back, is a healthy back”


Our back (Lumbar and Cervical) Rehabilitation Method is unique in Latin America, and in the last 15 years it has been our elite program renowned in different countries, having a success rate of over 80% in surgery cases.

We are providers of all the mayor insurance companies who consider us a strong ally in the preventive medicine area, improving the quality of life of their affiliates.


This is why we can confidently certify that our back program is the most effective existing solution to back problems.

¡Our experience is your best warranty!

¡MEDEX: Nobody cares for you better!

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