MEDEX is an organization with over 15 years of experience in Venezuela, specialized in providing integral services that improve the quality of life through physical exercise, using the most advanced technology in Latin America in the rehabilitation, prevention and high performance areas, together with a human and professional team, guaranteeing the best possible result, in the least amount of time, applying our training model called the “MEDEX Method”, which allows us to adapt each program to every patient’s needs, optimizing the performance of the human body beyond the traditional exercise routine.


MEDEX is currently an organization expanding through Latin America to countries like Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. It possesses two large business and opportunities areas for our clients:

1.     The rehabilitation, physical exercise and high performance areas as an activity, where we offer our MEDEX Exercise Centers for the execution of medical, preventive and high performance protocols, as well as objective evaluations, using the “MEDEX Method”.

2.     Consulting and marketing of rehabilitation and exercise equipment providing all our expertise and advice on the launching of efficient business units: design of the physical spaces, sales and equipment setup, staff training and certifications to operate them. They could be government agencies or investors who wish to replicate a unit (MEDEX Exercise Centers, gyms, rehabilitation centers, spas and/or Olympic and high performance centers).

Furthermore, we develop and build our own line of machines, the MEDEX equipment, and thanks to the association with MedFit we also represent the Nautilus equipment. Both brands are known worldwide, with presence in the rehabilitation and physical exercise market in over 40 countries.

Our technology and equipment have been endorsed by internationally renowned institutions such as the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Centre D’Alt Rendiment de Sant Cugat (CAR) in Barcelona, Spain. Our rehabilitation equipment is also certified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

All the equipment we market is used in our centers as a warranty of credibility and trust, since we use and test what we sell. Additionally, our technology allows us to objectively evaluate the physical condition of anyone through our extensive and diverse types of evaluations and tests, which have positioned us as an obligatory reference in the fields of rehabilitation and prevention through exercise.

Let us to offer you the appropriate recommendations depending on your requirements.

¡Our experience is your best warranty!

¡MEDEX: Nobody cares for you better!

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